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Born in Venezuela, live in the US
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I started this chogokin fetish when I was arround 13. My best friend at that time back in Venezuela was Japanese, so he got me into all the collecting super robots, of course I used to watch a lot of Japanese cartoons. Mazinger Z, Jeeg, Gakeen, Dai apollon, Gaiking (just to mention a couple) where very popular in Venezuela. After a couple of years we part ways, went to college and stop collecting since I had other priorities. I moved to the US back in 96, and after a couple of years while browsing the net I discovered that a new line of chogoking had started =)................ Now days I collect everything Chogokin, Transformers, some 1/6 scale figures, Ashley wood, etc. Love the cold die-cast.............

What is your all time favorite toy?
Fewture EX Gohkin Shin Getter 1


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