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I have never really stopped collecting since I got my first chogokin at 5 years of age. Its been 31 years since then.. I was in the hospital as a toddler and my mom bought me a Gaiking Nessar in 79'. The rest was as they say, history.

I collected 50's/60's tin robots in my teenage years and sold my chogokin collection(which I regret deeply),but as time went on, I began to sell the non character tins in favor of my childhood friends, and then eventually, came full circle with a focus japanese character tins. My main focus is having a smaller but refined collection in place of a massive one where I forget what I have. I focus on getting only MIMB examples when I can, and found that it was a good filter for me, in terms of slowing my collecting down and forcing me to spend money on only the things I really connected with.

I collect because, I am a collector by nature..from Antique japanese Nihonto, to Turn of the century small press books, to vintage Sukeban and Kurosawa posters. I consider a romantic notion, It is a role as protector of these fragile, beautiful objects that have untill now survived, and continue to do so in my transitory care. They are icons of a culture I have always appreciated deeply, and an design sense that I have attempted to emulate as best my creativity allows.
I think That is my attraction to perfectly maintained examples of old things... there is a awe to think it managed to stay in its original state despite how rough the world can be.
I am a Product/footwear designer for Puma here in Boston , and have been a footwear designer for almost 17+ years. My first love is painting and illustration however, and I hope to someday incorporate that into my day job.

What is your all time favorite toy?
GA 51 Gaiking Chogokin

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