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Hendersonville, NC


About Me :

I am a huge Saint Seiya fan. I have been collecting Myth Cloths since 2008. I have in my Myth Cloth collection:
Gemini Saga Gold Cloth
Aries Mu Cloth + Appendix
Leo Aiolos Cloth + Appendix
Scorpio Milo Cloth + Appendix
Virgo Shaka Cloth + Appendix
Sagittarius Aiolia Cloth + Appendix
Tauro Aldebaran Cloth
Gemini Saga Surplice Cloth
Aquarius Camus Surplice Cloth
Capricorn Shura Surplice Cloth
Cancer Deathmask Surplice
Aries Shion Surplice
Wyvern Rhadamanthys Cloth
Garuda Aiacos Cloth
Griffin Minos Cloth
Hades Shun Cloth
Pandora Cloth
Hades God Cloth
Hypnos God Cloth
Thanatos God Cloth
Pegasus God Cloth
Andromeda God Cloth
Dragon God Cloth
Pegasus Tenma Cloth
Bennu Kagaho Cloth
Seadragon Kanon Cloth
Poseidon Royal OCE Cloth
Siren Sorrento Cloth
Seahorse Baen Cloth
Pegasus Seiya V3
Pegasus Seiya V2 Broken version Cloth
Pegasus Seiya V1 anime version Cloth
Pegasus Seiya Megahouse Figure
Dragon Shiryu Megahouse Figure
Andromeda Shun V1 Anime version Cloth
Lyra Orpheo Silver Cloth
Phoenix Ikki V3 Cloth

I also have started collecting a few Transformers from the Generations line and Fight for Cybertron line.

What is your all time favorite toy?
My Hades God Cloth


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