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Well ever since I was a kid i've always been into gen1 TF's, Zoids, Starwars, He-Man etc to name but a few. Nowadays my interest has focused on my Zoids collection; which i have painted and modified over the years. That collection stands at 48 and includes all the rare Zoids including Iron Kong PK and even King Gojulas himself. As I say I hand painted each of them in a uniform, weathered color and modified them to varying degrees - sacrilege some would say but each to their own.
Recently i have branched ino the 1/48 Yamoto Macross line. (This came about because of my love of the old G1 TF Jetfire aka 1/55 Bandai VF1S) I've collected a fair few of them-all still boxed up and waiting for some shelf space to display.
By far my best discovery has to be the Bandai SOC! My collection currently stands at 6...those being Irongear, Gunbuster, Dancougar, Voltes V, Baikanfu and Ideon. Truly works of art.
Would anyone else agree that seeing Dairugger XV and Big Dai-X in SOC form would be a dream come true? (I was a huge fan of both Voltron and Starfleet growing up)
Other bits in my collection are three PG Gundam kits (they're gonna take a while to build) , Hot Toys ED209 and T800 Endo Skeleton, Takara Masterpiece Convoy, Starscream, and a whole load of various hand painted Starwars plastic kits gathering dust in my loft. Oh yeah special mention to my (still unbuilt and boxed) vinyl figure kits ranging from Screamin's Hellraiser Cenobites to Horizons Marvel character roster. I bought those years ago but just never had the time or space to build them.
In a nutshell i love Japanese mecha of all kinds and Sci-fi/fantasy orientated model kits in general. I don't just go for kits/toys primarily because of their heritage, but more so because of the aesthetic quality of the piece. Heck, i'll admit i don't even know or remember which series 90%of the SOC line come from. The bottom line is if it looks cool i'll get it.
Now if i only had the space to display 'em all :(


What is your all time favorite toy?
Hot-toys ED209 -I'm a massive Robocop fan-


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